Lux Lipstick - Vilmee

Lux Lipstick - Vilmee

Creamy lipstick with Sun Protection and Bioceramides. Provides full coverage ...
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Lutti Eyshadow - Cotton Candy

Lutti Eyshadow - Cotton Candy

Shimmery eye shadow that highlights, enhances and creates contour. Smooth tex...
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Erva-Doce Antiperspirant Spray (Ref. 1927)

(10 Votes)

Light fragrance with antiperspirant and naturally hydrating properties. Controls excessive persp...


Erva-Doce Bar Soap Duo (Ref. 1924)

(0 Votes)

Fennel aromatic properties thoroughly cleanse, leaving skin smooth and rough less. Leaves skin p...

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Erva-Doce Body Lotion (Ref. 1915)

(11 Votes)

Moisturizing Body Cream with fennel seed extract, shea butter and excellent hydrating properties....


Erva-Doce Fennel Hand Cream (Ref. 1923)

(2 Votes)

Deeply hydrates for a soft and smooth skin. Soothes roughness and dryness. Leaves skin refreshed ...

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Erva-Doce Liquid Soap (Ref. 1920)

(0 Votes)

Appropriate for both combination and oily skin types, cleanses deeply and soothes skin, leaving i...


Erva-Doce Roll on Deodorant (Ref. 1916)

(6 Votes)

Delicious fragrance and fennel seed extract with a convenient roll-on applicator. For all day an...


Erva-Doce Shower Gel (Ref. 1928)

(1 Votes)

The special blend of fennel extract with panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) restores elasticity and reple...