Lux Lip Stick - Ruby

Lux Lip Stick - Ruby

Creamy lipstick with a conditioning formula to protect the lips and leave the...
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PriorAge Anti Age Emulsion with Hormone Growth Factor SPF15

PriorAge Anti Age Emulsion with Hormone Growth Factor SP...

PriorAge's formula concentrates anti-age properties plus Epidermal Growth Fac...
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About Us

Racco is a Brazilian cosmetics brand that has captured the finest ingredients from around the world to create a proven skin treatment system. Besides an efficient skincare line with the best anti-aging actives, Racco offers an entire breadth of products for the whole family as well as high end make up, hair and body care fragrances and nutricosmetics.

In the America or in Europe, in New York or in Sao Paulo, the image of Racco products imposes the same strong image and assures total quality. Racco’s brand image is reflected through memorable client experiences and communications that are positive, personalized, authentic, and focused on real results.

Racco exceeds its customer’s expectations through efficient lab processes and testing. Year after year, the company invests millions in technology to make sure each one of their products reach the highest quality and security standards. The Research & Development team at the company’s manufacturing plant includes toxicology, pharmacology and microbiology specialists, chemists and bio-chemists, that comprehensively analyze every ingredient, from raw material to finished product.

Clinical tests are performed in independent labs: volunteers apply the products under strict supervision and are evaluated by certified dermatologists and ophthalmologists. These tests are conducted to assure the product’s integrity as well as to affirm the absence of irritations and allergies. Racco does not test its products in animals.

Every Racco product is manufactured, labeled and marketed through strict regulations required by the appropriate government agencies before it is available for consumption. The company is committed to supporting the sales of its products through an extensive network of Beauty Consultants with high level of satisfaction.

Brazilian beauty is recognized around the world and women in Brazil come from all different backgrounds. This diversity is acknowledged by Racco and the products captivate this essence, being developed to adapt with every woman’s skin and hair type.