Luzes Absolute Lifting Dry-Touch Foundation - Nude

Luzes Absolute Lifting Dry-Touch Foundation - Nude

Liquid foundation that creates a visual effect that diminishes the depth of e...
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Ciclos Anticellulite Body Serum

Ciclos Anticellulite Body Serum

Body serum with DMAE and other actives as PhytoCafeil, CAV, Transcutol and Na...
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to pay any fee in order to sign up at Computer to Computer? 

A: You don't need to pay any fee or buy products or a starter kit in order to sign up. All you have to do is fill out the registration form.  

Q: I already am a Racco Team Leader. If I sign up as a Promoter, how does that affect my team?

A: Racco maintains your position in the system and you maintain your whole team. If you continue placing orders as a Team Leader through your Distributor, you’ll continue receiving your commissions from Racco Marketing System.  

Q: I already am a Racco Team Leader. If I sign up as a Promoter, how does that affect the earnings of my sponsor (who invited me to join)?

A: If your sponsor is a Team Leader, this person will receive 5% of commissions over every order of your Personal Network in Computer to Computer.

Q: Do Promoter have access to exclusive deals?

A: As a Promoter, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and specials from RaccoMania and others deals created especially for Promoters.

Q: How can I increase my profit with these exclusive deals?

A: Most deals will only be visible for Promoters, so this way Promoters can buy products at discounted prices and sell for full price.

Q: I already am a Racco Team Leader or Consultant. Do I become a Promoter automatically due to my current position in the system?

A: This new system, Computer to Computer is new so you have to sign up at to be part of the system, even if you have already signed up as a Racco Independent Beauty Consultant before.

Q: What percentage of commissions does this Compensation Plan offer?

A: By signing up as a Promoter, you earn 20% of commissions over orders from your first down line (first generation) and 5% over your second down line (second generation). Besides earning from commissions, you also profit with sales made personally by you to your personal “clients”, when buying products at discounted prices from RaccoMania.

Q: What is the monthly cycle for orders?

A: The cycle starts at the first minute of every month and ends at the last minute of every month.

Q: What is my minimum monthly commitment as a Promoter?

A: The minimum monthly commitment for Promoters is a $50 order within each cycle. This order must be confirmed and paid in full in order to be valid.

Q: How are my commissions calculated?

A: Commissions are calculated based on every confirmed and paid orders within each cycle.

Q: If I fail to reach my minimum monthly commitment of a $50 order in a cycle, do I still receive my commissions?

A: No. Commissions are paid only If the minimum commitment ir reached. 

Q: Does the system accumulate unpaid commissions?

A: Commissions are not paid nor saved if the minimum commitment is not reached in a cycle. This amount is not carried to the next cycle. Unpaid commissions are lost, therefore the importance of reaching your monthly commitment.

Q: How many people do I need in my Personal Network in order to be eligible to receive my commissions?

A: You may have only one person in your Personal Network to start receiving commissions. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to join your Personal Network.

Q: I get 5% of commissions over my second line even though I have no relations with them?

A: Yes. As long as you reach your monthly commitment you receive commissions over first and second lines. Now imagine how many people you can invite to join your Personal Network immediately and start receiving 20% and 5% of commissions!

Q: Do I receive my commissions from Computer to Computer if I am an active Consultant or Team Leader but haven’t met my monthly commitment? 

A: No, you must meet your commitment goal from Computer to Computer in order to receive your commissions, even if you are eligible to receive commissions from Racco Marketing System on a specific month.

Q: How do I add emails to my Contact List?

A: First, log in to your account using your email and password. Then access the menu on the upper-left corner called My Racco. Click INVITE and Contacts. There you can add as many emails as you wish to your list by clicking Add New Contact.

Q: How to I Send Invitations to my contacts to visit the website?

A: Go to Send Invitations under My Racco / INVITE, select the contacts you want to add using the link on the right side and edit the email you want them to receive.

Q: When my contacts visit the website and place orders after receiving my invitation, how does the system know that the invitation was sent out by me?

A: The website possesses a technology that recognizes from which account the invitation was effectively sent out and creates a permanent link between you and your contact. So when this person accesses the site and places an order, the system will automatically calculate 20% of commissions over that order for you, and every other subsequent order will generate the Promoter commission of 20% and post it in your account.

Q: How do I access my commissions?

A: By logging in to your account you can access not only your commissions but also reports on your Personal Network’s orders, accumulated earnings, orders details, number of accepted invitations, etc. Just access My Racco on the upper-left corner and click on My Network.

Q: How can I send Email Marketing for my contacts?

A: Log in to your account and go to the My Racco menu, then click INVITE / Send Email Marketing. There you can select the contacts you want to receive the email, edit text, add background image or select a special if available.